Terms & Conditions


Welcome to buyorbidonit.com!  By using our site, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions of sales.  You must be 18 yrs or older and be lawfully permitted to enter into a binding contract under applicable law. Any bidder, buyer or seller who uses this site agrees to obey and follow and rules, regulations and laws which govern the use of this site.  If you disagree with any part of the following terms, please do not use this site.

Amendments to Rules

We reserve the right to amend, remove or add terms and conditions as situations arise and dictate.  Those terms must also be obeyed and followed.


Third Party Sellers

Please note that we allow independent businesses to sell on our site.  These businesses may have their own rules and conditions which may be applicable for the items they offer on our site.  Sellers are required to maintain the values that buyorbidonit applies to our own sales.  We reserve the right to suspend or remove any seller as well as any seller’s items if that seller is found to act in a manner that we disapprove.


Buyorbidonit is not party to third party transactions from guest sellers to buyers and therefore cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or actions of a listing from third party sales.  All sellers are contractually bound with buyorbidonit and may be suspended or removed for any violations of the contract terms.


Bidding and Buying

 (1) By bidding on an item on this site, you have entered into a legal binding contract between yourself and the seller.  Successful bidders who fail to complete a transaction may be blocked or permanently banned from participation in future auctions or sales.

(2) Sellers are obligated to sell items in which the minimum bid or reserve price has been met.  Sellers are not obligated to sell items below the minimum bid or reserve price.

(3) Sellers are not permitted to bid on their own lots. 

(4) All lots are subject to extended time bidding.  When last minute bids are made, time is extended to allow all bidders a chance to make a final bid.

(5) Bidding on any item is a commitment to buy.  If a mistake is made, a retraction may be allowed under special circumstances. Bidders are required to contact us immediately.  This should be reserved for rare mistakes and not for changes of heart.

(6) Buyorbidonit reserves the right to reject any bid or bidder and to suspend or banish any user at our discretion.  Third party sellers may reject any bid or bidder from their auctions.  Users of this site agree to hold buyorbidonit harmless of any action between third parties.

(7) Buyorbidonit reserves the right to remove any listing at any time or to modify descriptions.

(8) Should there be any malfunction of the website during an ongoing auction or should any natural occurrence that disrupts bidders ability to access the site, we reserve the right to extend or continue the auction or re-list any items affected.


Buyer’s Premium

A 15% buyer’s premium will be added to all sales.  It will be billed to and paid by the successful bidder.  All charges are then subject to local taxes, shipping and handling (if applicable).


Sellers Agreement

Seller agrees that any item listed on buyorbidonit.com is free of all debts, loans or encumbrances.  Seller agrees that the item was obtained by legal means and that it is legal to sell in the state listed.  Seller also agrees to abide by any shipping offers made in the listing (Sellers are NOT required to ship items in which they did not offer shipping as an option).



Buyorbidonit.com is owned and operated by Jarman Auction Company.  Jarman Auction Company is a licensed FFL dealer.  Any firearms listed on this site, as well as any firearms purchases made through this site are subject to all Federal Firearms Licensing requirements.  Third party sellers that list firearms must be in possession of and provide to us a current FFL and must obey all laws and rules regarding the possession and sales of firearms.  Absolutely no firearms can be listed by those individuals who are not in possession of a current Federal Firearms License.


Guarantees and Warranties

(1) All items sold on buyorbidonit are expected to show some evidence of age or wear unless described as NEW.  Other than specific guarantees or warranties stated in the listing, all items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS with no warranty expressed or implied.

(2) All buyers on buyorbidonit agree to hold buyorbidonit harmless in any dispute and that any refund or canceled sale constitutes the only remedy for damages.  Damages may not under any circumstances exceed the purchase price including buyer’s premium. Any shipped items that are returned are required to be shipped at the buyer’s expense.

(3) Any claims by the buyer of gross description error or misrepresentation must immediately be made to the seller.  Any returned items must be in the same condition as received.  Any refunds will be made by the same method as payment was received.



Payment will be made immediately and will include the purchase price plus the buyer’s premium plus any other fees or taxes required.  Payments to third party sellers must be made according to their requirements.  Items will not be shipped or delivered or be available for pick up until payment has been made.  Items not paid for picked up (FOR ANY REASON) within 14 days will be forfeited and shall become property of buyorbidonit.com.  Buyorbidonit reserved the right to resell, donate or otherwise discard of unclaimed items.


Permission to Charge Credit Cards

Users of this site agree to allow the instant charge to their credit card on file for any purchases including buyer’s premium and applicable sales tax.


Shipping and Delivery

Please review our site policy for shipping and delivery of items sold by buyorbidonit.com.  Third party sellers may offer shipping and delivery of items under their own terms.  Third party sellers are not required to ship or deliver items.


Shipping Policy

Buyorbidonit may ship or deliver items.  Please read special terms and conditions of each sale to determine if shipping or delivery is an option.  For items sold by buyorbidonit and not third party sellers, we shall charge the actual amount using the best or most economical shipping choice in regards to the size, weight and value of an item.  We use US Postal Service Priority Mail including flat rate boxes.  We use UPS Ground for larger items or when the rate is a significant savings over Priority Mail.  In addition to the actual shipping price, buyorbidonit will charge insurance and handling fees for each item packed.  Insurance fees are free for the first $50, then $1 for every $100 in total package value.  Handling fees will be a minimum of $3 up to 2 lbs, then $1 per pound up to a maximum of $50.  Items requiring freight shipment will be charged a $75 pallet fee in addition to actual freight charges.


Local Pickup Policy

Items may be picked up at our facility at no additional charge (unless otherwise noted).  Our business hours are Mon-Wed 9-4, Thu 10-2 & Fri 10-4.  We will occasionally open on Saturday 10-2 (This will be noted in our weekly email to members).  Please check email for additional times.  For after hours or weekend pickup, please contact us in advance to schedule an appointment.  We request that items be picked up within 3 days of purchase.  If you are unable to pick up your items during our posted business hours, please call 912-657-1977 or 843-784-2222 to arrange a meeting to pick up your items.  **PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY:  ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PICKED UP AFTER 14 DAYS WILL BE TREATED AS ABANDONED.   AT THIS POINT, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RE-SELL, REMOVE OR DISCARD ANY ITEM(S) THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PICKED UP.  NO REFUNDS, NOR PARTIAL REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PICK YOUR ITEM(S) UP WITHIN 7 DAYS, CALL US TO REQUEST STORAGE.  FEES WILL APPLY BASED ON VOLUME AND DURATION OF STORAGE.  MINIMUM FEE IS $20 PER BUSINESS DAY, MAXIMUM EXTENSION OF STORAGE IS 7 CALENDAR DAYS, MAXIMUM FEE FOR STORAGE IS $100 WHICH MUST BE PAID BEFORE ITEM IS REMOVED.**



Buyorbidonit will not be liable for any damages of any type which may arise from the use of this site.  This includes loss or damage to goods sold, lost revenues or profits or for any other damages.  Users of this site agree to hold buyorbidonit harmless from any claims made by any third party for any seller or users failure to adhere to the rules and regulations governing the use of this site.  Buyorbidonit will not be responsible for loss or damage to items if they have not been picked up within 3 days of purchase.



Buyorbidonit will not be held liable for any content including links featured in third party seller’s listings.  We are not responsible in any way for the content of these sites or any losses that the use of these sites may cause.