About Us

Welcome to buyorbidonit.com, where you can buy items by competitive auction-style bidding.  We are a full service auction company located in Hardeeville, SC.  We can help you liquidate your entire estate, sell your special collections, help with downsizing or close out your business.  You can sell individual items or nearly everything you own.  We are a family owned and operated business with over 20 years experience in auctions and online sales.  We know how to properly describe and feature your items so that they are presented accurately and honestly, allowing bidders to bid with confidence.  Contact us for all of your auction needs.

I began my career in re-selling in the year 1999.  Armed with a 486 computer, a document scanner, and a dot matrix printer, I began selling items I had collected over the years.  I didn't even have a digital camera.  I scanned music magazines and other publications that I had kept from the 70s and sold them on eBay.  When those first $25-$30 sales began to occur, I was hooked.  I expanded into garage sale shopping where I would go out with $40-$50 in my pocket and buy small items like video games.  I soon learned that bigger ticket items were available.  I lost a couple of deals because I had to go to the bank to get more money to buy items.  Soon, I was going out with hundreds of dollars and buying vintage stereo equipment.  I was a stereo enthusiast from my days in the Air Force and had a basic idea of the quality items.  I bought my first pair of Sansui speakers for $40 and sold them for $250.  It was then that I knew that I was on to something.  I have some good friends in Atlanta that were a little ahead of me in the business.  We traded information about items that we made profits on.  This was long before smartphones, so we relied on calling each other and having someone search on eBay for the values of items.  This was a huge advantage to have someone doing that.  We both found ourselves venturing into new fields of interest.  We purchased kitchen gadgets, musical instruments and gear, tools, collectibles, and "anything of value."  The garage sale shopping business became very profitable.  

In 2004, I took a leap of faith and left a very good job that I had for 17 years.  Much to the shock and disbelief of my family (but with the support of my wife), I left the security and benefits of my profession to begin a full-time career in reselling.  Business was good.  I expanded my search for merchandise and began attending storage unit auctions.  I was among the first wave of newcomers to the scene and was not met with open arms.  Those old-timers had been getting this stuff dirt cheap for many years and were not happy to lose those profits to the younger set.  It was through those storage unit buying days that I met Matt Mattingly, an auctioneer and owner of Liberty Auction in Pembroke.  That meeting changed my life forever.  I began attending his auction and was fascinated with the method and success that he was having.  I decided to obtain my own auctioneer's license in 2009.

Matt was a wonderful mentor.  He allowed me to call bids at his auction house.  I'll never forget how nervous I was in front of a large crowd of people.  With Matt's advice, I slowly began to get used to being on the block in front of a crowd.  With Matt's blessing, I opened my own auction house, Dean Forest Auction Company.  It was a nice building that I shared with a partner.  Our parking lot was small but we managed to pack a crowd of buyers into the place and had a pretty good weekly auction.  The business was short-lived but did teach me a lot of valuable lessons.  After owning a couple of resell stores, I opened Better Than That Auctions in Pooler.  This was a much smaller building but we had a great following and much success.  All the while, we maintained our heavy eBay sales presence between auctions.

My sons, Zack and Aaron, and my daughter-in-law, Laura joined the company.  The boys both became auctioneers.  In 2015, we re-joined Matt and became full-time auctioneers and workers at Liberty Auction.  We continued this partnership for 4 years, adding our experience in online sales.  I obtained my Federal Firearms License and added another element to the auction.  We had much success and it was a wonderful friendship and business arrangement between us.  We were all devastated when, out of nowhere, Matt was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  4 months later, he was gone.  I will always treasure his friendship and the lessons that he taught us.

Now, we have decided to put our knowledge and experience into what we do best, online sales and auctions.  With the creation of buyorbidonit.com, we are pleased to bring the auction to our customers by allowing online bidding and buying.  We moved to a great central location in Hardeeville, SC in order to serve the Savannah and Hilton Head Island areas.  We are located just 8 miles past the Savannah Bridge, 5 1/2 miles from I-95, and 25 miles from Hilton Head Island.  We look forward to serving our customers and providing an exciting new take on the online auction process.  We are ready to establish a strong foothold in the auction business in this area.

2022 update:  We have now been operating our online auction for 3 years.  We could not be happier.  We have developed a great team and have established some wonderful contacts in the Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, and Savannah areas.  Our customer base has extended beyond the local area.  We now serve regular customers in several states.  I can now say with confidence that we are a great choice when deciding to liquidate estates.  Our realized prices are among the best that you will find anywhere.  Thank you all for helping us make this business a great success.  We look forward to serving you!